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Empowering Local NGOs in the Area of GBV

In the context of the MDG-F Conflict Prevention and Peace Building joint program in North Lebanon with 5 UN agencies, and in view of the findings of the “Needs Assessment and Situation Analysis of Women in North Lebanon” as well as the mapping of NGOs working on Gender and GBV, UNFPA Lebanon in collaboration with the Lebanese Council to Resist Violence against Women (LECORVAW), conducted a 5-day training end of April on GBV  in Tripoli, North Lebanon.

As such, the workshop aimed at empowering 18 focal persons from local NGOs on various aspects related to GBV in order to equip them with the knowledge, understanding, and tools to better respond to GBV in terms of services, referral, information, outreach, awareness, and advocacy. The training consisted of two parts: one theoretical addressing GBV from various angles, and another exploring the step-by-step process for developing proposals and projects ideas on GBV related issues.  As such, UNFPA will provide seed funding for 3-4 participating NGOs based on sound and relevant proposals in order to carry out GBV related interventions within their respective communities while benefitting from coaching and mentoring by LECORVAW. 

As a result of the success of this training, a similar one will be carried out in Akkar (also North Lebanon) in collaboration with LECORVAW and the Ministry of Social Affairs. 

The implementation of the capacity development workshops as well as small related interventions in the North are considered very challenging in view of the conservative nature of this region particularly on issues related to women empowerment and GBV.