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Since 2021, the UNFPA Lebanon has integrated Cash Assistance in the  gender-based violence case management programme, both in the form of emergency cash assistance for immediate needs (ECA) and recurrent cash assistance (RCA) (up to 6-12 months) and it might include cash for transportation (CfT) as needed. Cash is dignifying, discrete, and flexible, helping survivors to escape violence and violent relationships, seek emergency medical care, secure temporary shelter, and buy food and clothing for themselves and their children. Providing cash to survivors over multiple months can help a woman get back on her feet if she has left a partner who was hurting her, helping her to provide for her children while she finds other sources of income. The goal of the approach is indeed  improving protection outcomes for GBV survivors and mitigating individuals’ risk of GBV for survivors of any nationality.  UNFPA Lebanon developed a robust monitoring system that included post distribution monitoring  (PDM) to monitor the impact of the programme and its safety and security. The main achievements are highlighted below, moreover to note that data shows the financial service provider is reliable and maintains strict safety measures.