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The strategy was developed following consultations and inputs from the ministries of Social Affairs, Justice, Interior and Education; the Lebanese Order of Nurses and Midwives, Social Workers Syndicate and Lebanese Society of Obstetrics and Gynecologists, non-governmental and international organizations along with insights and live experiences shared by survivors.  

In light of the magnifying risks and crises in Lebanon evolving around the COVID-19, political and social instability aligned with the constant and severe economic, vulnerable communities and displaced people including refugees where levels of poverty have reached 82% among Lebanese and more 90% among Syrians, are the most at risk of violation of their human rights.

The CMR strategy comes as a comprehensive, sustainable and collective response to all forms of violence, including rape, paving the way to the protection of “at risk” and “survivors” of rape in Lebanon seeking ultimately an enhanced quality of services and the wellbeing of the survivors.