TANSEEQ for Ending GBV in Lebanon, Issue 8

July - December 2013

No. of pages: 8

Publication date: 2013

Author: UNFPA and several GBV actors in Lebanon

The eradication of gender based violence (GBV) is a key step in the construction of a society of equals, in which differences among human beings are considered a wealth and not a base to construct social hierarchies, restricting individual and collective social, economic, and political freedoms. Regrettably though, this multifaceted form of violence - which is mainly exercised against women and children - continues to be dramatically widespread in Lebanon, in Italy, as in the majority of countries in the world. Because indeed this is not a problem that affects only poor, marginalized, uneducated individuals and communities; violence is daily, routinely exercised within the closed walls of rich and poor households, across professional categories, citizenships, religions, generational boundaries...