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Adolescents and Youth

UNFPA Lebanon aims to promote youth empowerment and their engagement in decision-making. The areas of intervention focus on strengthening the capacity of national educational institutions to design, implement and monitor life skills based and gender sensitive reproductive health education programs. 

UNFPA has been targeting young people especially those affected by the humanitarian situation through supporting establishment and equipment of youth spaces (Beqaa, North, South and Mount Lebanon); institutional building of NGOs (service providers and social workers) on addressing youth needs in humanitarian settings; capacity development of young people on peer to peer approach with emphasis on RH and gender equality; support to awareness raising activities through youth peer to peer and innovative interventions; development of a wide range of information material; and undertaking of a landmark situation analysis on youth affected by the Syrian crisis. 

In 2020, and in recognition of the spirit of solidarity and inter-cultural exchange that has prevailed in the immediate aftermath of the Beirut Port Explosion, especially amongst young women and men volunteers across the country, and following the Beirut Port explosion, UNFPA partnered with UNESCO, and UNODC Offices in Lebanon and jointly launched an interagency collaboration aiming to support, mobilize, and empower youth-led initiatives and efforts for the community’s response and recovery. 

Furthermore, UNFPA in partnership with UNICEF developed the action plan of the National Youth Policy in close collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports.