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19 August 2018

Urgent Efforts Needed to Protect Women and Girls in Crises

Statement by UNFPA Executive Director Dr. Natalia Kanem on World Humanitarian Day 2018 Women and girls uprooted by war or disaster are at heightened risk of rape, exploitation and abuse. Yet reaching a refugee camp or other places where humanitarian services are available does not necessarily eliminate these risks. A poorly lit

12 August 2018

Let’s put young people at the centre

We want to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and make good on our pledge to leave no one behind. We want to build lasting peace. Therefore, young people belong at the centre of our collective efforts. Let us embrace young people as active partners on this journey together. None of our ambitious global goals can be

4 February 2018

UNFPA's vision and agenda 2030

Our new strategic plan is designed to drive the ambitions and goals of the ICPD and 2030 agendas.



Not so long ago, most people had large families: five children, on average. Where once...
UNFPA’s Worlds Apart report calls for actions that lead to a brighter future, where all...

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